PANTS XIV Participant List

If your name does not appear on this list by November 26, you will not be eligible to receive reimbursement for travel so please be sure to register early!

Mike Bennett (University of British Columbia)

Jeff Beyerl (Clemson University, grad. student)

Matt Boylan (University of South Carolina)

Jim Brown (Clemson University)

Kenny Brown (University of South Carolina, grad. student)

Ricardo Canceicao (Oxford College of Emory University)

Nasser Dastrange (Buena Vista College)

Chantal David (Concordia University)

Stephen Dilworth (University of South Carolina)

Michael Filaseta (University of South Carolina)

Carrie Finch (Washington and Lee University)

Kevin Ford (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Sam Gross (University of South Carolina, grad. student)

Kevin James (Clemson University)

Marie Jameson (Emory University, grad. student)

Renling Jin (College of Charleston)

Rodney Keaton (Clemson University, grad. student)

Zach Kent (Emory University)

Denka Kutzarova (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Robert Lemke Oliver (Emory University, grad. student)

Mike Mossinghoff (Davidson College)

Xing Peng (University of South Carolina, grad. student)

Igor Pritsker (Oklahoma State University)

Vincent Rusnell (Clemson University, grad. student)

Corinne Sheridan (Cornell University, grad. student)

Jim Stankewicz (University of Georgia, grad. student)

Cameron Stewart (University of Waterloo)

David Stone (Georgia Southern)

Catherine Trentacoste (Clemson University, grad. student)

Enrique Trevino (Dartmouth College, grad. student)

Ognian Trifonov (University of South Carolina)

Andrew Vincent (University of South Carolina, grad. student)

Hua Wang (Georgia Southern)

John Webb (University of South Carolina, grad. student)

Hui Xue (Clemson University)

Dania Zantout (Clemson University, grad. student)

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