Elementary DifferentialEquations 
Math 242 - Fall2000 
MAPLE Programs 

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  • Euler Method Euler.mws.
  • Improved Euler Method IEuler.mws.
  • Runge-Kutta Method R_K.mws.
  • Comparison between the above three methodsAll_in_1.mws.
  • Three examples for unstability Ex_1.mws,Ex_2.mws,Ex_3.mws.
  • Direction Fields Dfields.mws.
  • Here are executed versions of theabove files Euler_e.mws, IEuler_e.mws,R_Ke.mws,All_in_1e.mws,Ex_1e.mws,Ex_2e.mws,Ex_3e.mws,Dfields_e.mws.

  • Examples how to solve ODE using MapleODEsolv.mws.
  • Examples how to solve systems of ODE SODE.mws.