Math 782, Analytic number theory

Frank Thorne, LeConte 400G.

Office hours: by appointment, or see my other class.

Comprehensive exam syllabus.


Grading scale: A = 200+, B = 140+. There will be at least 400 points worth of assignments, so you can pick and choose. Students hoping to write a thesis in the subject are of course encouraged to do as much as possible. Homework 0 [tex] (20 points), due Friday, August 26.

Homework 1 [tex], due Friday, September 2.

Homework 2 [tex], due Friday, September 9.

Homework 3 [tex], due Friday, September 16.

Homework 4 [tex], due Friday, September 23.

Homework 5 [tex], due Friday, September 30.

Homework 6a [tex] (more on binary quadratic forms), due Friday, October 7.

Homework 6b [tex] (complex analysis review), due Friday, October 7.

Homework 7 [tex], due Friday, October 14.

Homework 8 [tex], due Friday, October 21.

Homework 9 [tex].

Homework 10 [tex].

Homework 11 [tex] (on the singular series).

Term projects:

Travis Johnston, Coloring problems in the integers

Scott Dunn, The Selberg sieve

Richard Oh, Lower bounds on class numbers of quadratic fields

John Willis, Something or other on Galois representations

Morgan Cole, Roth's theorem -or- Vinogradov's three primes theorem (TBA)

Daniel White, Elementary approaches to the distribution of the primes Seminar participation.

Term project.