The RelatedRates Maplet will be loaded and displayed in a separate window. Click the "Close" button in the RelatedRates window to terminate the Maplet.

Remember that it is possible to substitute multiple values in one step. This requires the use of square brackets around the full collection of substitutions. For example, [ r=3, h=5 ]. (It is not a problem to use square brackets when only one substitution is requested.) To help you remember this, square brackets have been inserted in the places they are most likely to be needed.

The layout of this Maplet was updated on 15 October 2002. Many buttons have been removed from the layout. They have been replaced with popup menus. To access a popup menu for a field, position the cursor over the field and click the right mouse button.

Note: The Maplet automatically terminates if you use the "Back" button, or other browser navigation tools, for other purposes. To avoid this, start a new browser window prior to launching the Maplet.