Jesse Leo Kass

Department of Mathematics  
University of South Carolina  
1523 Greene Street  
Columbia, South Carolina 29208  

Office: LeConte 317J  
Fax: 803-777-7520 
Email: kassj **at**

Curriculum Vitae

I am an assistant professor at the University of South Carolina. I work in algebraic geometry. My current work focuses on abelian varieties, compactified Jacobians, moduli of sheaves and related topics.

During college, I worked at the Ross Mathematics Program at the Ohio State University for several summers. The program is a six week long residential program for high school students. I highly recommend the program! It is an excellent experience for talented students interested in mathematics.

Research Papers

Research projects sponsored by the National Security Agency under Grant Number H98230-15-1-0264. The United States Government is authorized to reproduce and distribute reprints notwithstanding any copyright notation herein.


  • Math 242 (Spring 2016)

    If you are an undergraduate thinking of asking me for a letter of recommendation, please read Keith Conrad’s page

    Interesting in having me sit on your thesis committee? I require a draft of your thesis 1 month in advance of your defense.

    Students who have attended my classes have gone to have successful careers in law, medicine, science, and professional football.

    When I was a graduate student, I had the honor of being a course assistant for the 7th most ridiculous-sounding math class offered at a liberal-arts college. The movie trailer for the class can be found here.


    I am currently advising 1 undergraduate David Galban and 1 PhD student Tyler Lewis. Interested in working with me? Check out the advice pages of Jordan Ellenberg, Kiran Kedlaya, Bjorn Poonen, Hal Schenk, and David Zureick-Brown.

    Current University of South Carolina graduate students are advised to read this FAQ about graduation requirements.


    Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry, and Commutative Algebra Seminar: Spring 2016.

    The Graduate Colloquium: Spring 2016.

    Student seminar on Algebraic Geometry, Commutative Algebra, and Number Theory: Summer 2015.

    Graduate reading course on algebraic geometry: Fall 2014, Spring 2015.

    Seminar on vector bundles on abelian varieties: Summer 2014.

    Seminar on moduli of abelian varieties: Fall 2012, Summer 2013 .

    Video Lectures Expository Notes Conferences Organized

    Me in Hannover next to the gravestone of Raphael Levi.