Ralph Elwood Howard

(This vita also available in DVI, and PDF formats.)
Department of Mathematics
University of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina 29208 USA
Office Phone: (803)-777-2913 Home Phone: (803)-799-8401
Citizenship: United States of America


Ph.D California Institute of Technology 1977-1982
M.S. California State University, Northridge 1973-1974
B.A. California State University, Northridge 1970-1973

Professional Experience

Professor, University of South Carolina 1999-Present
Associate Professor, University of South Carolina 1988-1999
Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina 1984-1988
Research Associate, Michigan State University 1982-1984
Visiting Assistant Professor, Duke University Fall 1987
Visiting Associate Professor, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Fall 1993 & Spring 1994

Grant Support

1986 NSF Summer Support (though Department of Engineering) Michael A. Sutton, Principal Investor
1988-1990 NSF Summer Support, Co-Principal Investor with Marek Kossowski
1992 Summer Support on EPSCoR grant
1994-1999 Summer Support on DEPSCoR grants

Graduate Students

Master's Students:
1990 Somasundaram Velummylum, The Calculus of Variations and Zoll Surfaces.
1991 Louis Kenneth Reinitz, The Periodic Symmetry Groups of the Plane.
1991 Gary Allen Cohen, Intersection Theory.
1999 Aseem Raval, Mathematics Related to Spinning Tops.
2001 Michael S. Venn, Analysis on Finite Gel'fand Spaces.
2004 Anamaria Rusu, Reflection Groups.
Ph.D. Students:
1991 Shiying Zhao, On the Boundary Behavior of Subharmonic Functions in Nontangential Acessible Domains. (Supervised jointly with Manfred Stoll.)

Colloquium and Seminar Talks

1982 University of South Carolina
1984 Eastern Michigan State University
1984 Michigan State University
1985 University of Rochester (2 Talks)
1985 University of Oklahoma (2 Talks)
1986 University of Missouri
1988 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1988 Emory University (2 Talks)
1988 Benedict College
1989 Saint Olaf College
1989 University of Minnesota
1990 University of Massachusetts, Amherst
1991 University of South Carolina, Aiken
1992 University of Utah
1992 Utah State University
1993 Dynamics Seminar Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
1993 Analysis Seminar Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
1994 Analysis Seminar University of Uppsala, Sweden
1994 Physics Seminar University of Stockholm
1994 University of Tennessee, Knoxville
1995 University of Miami
1996 Physics Department University of South Carolina
1997 University of Miami (2 Talks)
1999 University of Georgia
2001 University of Georgia
2001 Texas Tech (2 Talks)
2002 University of Georgia

Talks at Conferences

1984 Brunswick, Maine
1985 Los Angles, California
1987 San Antonio, Texas
1987 Salt Lake City, Utah
1987 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
1989 Chapel Hill, North Carolina
1989 Corvallis, Oregon
1991 San Francisco, California
1992 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
1992 Athens, Georgia
1992 Athens, Georgia
1994 Athens, Georgia
1996 Orlando, Florida
1996 Columbia, Missouri
1997 Memphis, Tennessee
1998 Athens, Georgia
1999 Birmingham, Alabama
1999 Athens, Georgia
2000 Lowell, Massachusetts
2001 Wichita, Kansas (Plenary Speaker)
2002 Pisa, Italy
2002 Boston, Massachusetts
2003 Baltimore, Maryland
2003 Charleston, South Carolina
2003 Lawrenceville, New Jersey
2004 Wuhan, China (Plenary Speaker)
2004 Snowbird, Utah
2006 San Antonio, Texas
2006 Norman, Oklahoma (Plenary Speaker)
2006 Oberwolfach, Geometry
2007 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
2007 New Orleans, Louisiana

Conferences Organized


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