Pictures from a recent (June 2-12, 2009) vacation
First night campsite at Badlands, SD
2nd night camp in Black Hills, SD
Lake at 2nd night campsite
Needles in Black Hills South Dakota
More needles
Jean and I at Mt Rushmore
3rd night campsite, Big Timber, Montana
4th and 5th night at Lake McDonald, West Glacier
Avalanche Creek, West Glacier
Nathan hiking toward Avalanche Lake
Us at Avalanche Lake, West Glacier
McDonald Creek, looking east, West Glacier, Montana
Lake McDonald, looking east, West Glacier, Montana
Flurry by Lake McDonald, camera looking north
Storm blowing over the continental divide, looking east, Lake McDonald
Lake McDonald, looking West
We were there, West Glacier
Young bear near Two Medicine, East Glacier
Waterfall near Two Medicine, East Glacier
Jean by Saint Mary Lake in East Glacier
Mountain by Saint Mary Lake in East Glacier
Nathan and I at Sun Point by Saint Mary Lake in East Glacier
View from Jackson overlook, Going to the Sun Road
Crossing into Canada
Approaching Waterton from the east
6th and 7th night camp, Waterton, Canada
Moose at Waterton campsite
Bison near Waterton
Deer near Waterton
Fawn near Waterton
Nathan at Waterton
Red faced squirrels at Waterton campsite
8th night campsite at Banff
View at Banff campsite
Hot Springs at Banff
Jean and I at Lake Louise, Banff
Glacier at end of Lake Louise, Banff
View on road from Banff to Jasper.
Nathan with tour bus on the Athabasca Glacier, near the Columbia Icefield
View of Athabasca Glacier from the lateral morraine; the dot is the tour bus
Jean and I on the Athabasca Glacier, icefalls in the background
Mountain goat near Jasper
Elk near 9th night camp, Jasper Alberta