Lab Assignments for Calculus I (Math 141), Fall 2010

Maplets for Calculus
A Maple Lab for Calculus I: An Introduction
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Complete New User's Tour Plot Builder  
B Functions Stewart Page 22: Exercises 24, 26
Stewart Page 44: Exercises 30, 36, 38
  Domain and Range Finder Rate this Maplet
C Functions and Plots Stewart Page 51: Exercises 4, 8
CalcLabs Page 12: Exercise 10a
CalcLabs Pages 34-35: Exercises 17, 20
D Limits, Infinity, and Asymptotes See Lab Note.   Left and Right Limits and Continuity:
Using a Graph Rate this Maplet
Using a Formula Rate this Maplet
E A More Rigorous Approach to Limits Stewart Pages 117-118: Exercises 6, 8, and 14.   EpsilonDelta Rate this Maplet
F   Hour Quiz 1
(completed in lab)
G Differentiation and Tangent Lines Stewart Page 151: Exercises 28, 30, and 34.
Stewart Page 150: Exercises 6, 8
CalcLabs Page 65: Exercise 7
  TangentLine Rate this Maplet
H Implicit Differentiation Stewart Pages 213-214: Exercises 31 and 38
CalcLabs Page 66: Exercise 12
  ImplicitDifferentiation Rate this Maplet
I Differentiation Drill Stewart Page 181: Exercises 40, 42, and 43 Derivatives [C-SV]
Differentiation Methods [C-SV]
Graph_df Rate this Maplet
DerivativeDrill Rate this Maplet
J Related Rates Stewart Page 245: Exercises 12, 14, and 18   RelatedRates Rate this Maplet
K Optimization Project:
Complete Applied Project: The Shape of a Can
Stewart Pages 333-334
(Project Report Guidelines)
L Riemann Sums and Integration Review Labs G-L for Hour Quiz 2. Riemann Sums [C-SV] AntiDerivativeDrill Rate this Maplet
IntBySub Rate this Maplet
M   Hour Quiz 2
(completed in lab)
N Complete the Maple Lab Survey and the post Technology Survey on Blackboard.      


  • Tutors and Assistants can be accessed from the respective menus on the Maple 13 graphical user interface. The Tutors marked with [PreC] are found under the PreCalculus submenu; those marked with [C-SV] and [C-MV] can be found under the Calculus - Single Variable and Calculus - Multiple Variable submenus, respectively.
  • Access to the Maplets is restricted to USC and TAMU students. Use your Balckboard username and password when prompted to access the Maplets.
  • The maplets are most easily run with the Maplet Viewer (available only for Windows). On other platforms, save the file, load the file into a Maple session (just as you would any other Maple worksheet), and execute the entire worksheet. This will start the maplet.
  • Portable Document Format (PDF) files are viewable with Adobe Reader Download Adobe Reader.

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